20 New Papers Crush Claims Of A Man-Made Link To Arctic Climate Change, Glacier Retreat, Sea Ice


Via By on 8. February 2018 // NoTricksZone :

Anthropogenic Influence On Arctic Climate

‘Too Small To Be Detected’


Source: Haine, 2016

The evidence compiled in scientific papers continues to rapidly accumulate.

An anthropogenic signal in the regional Arctic climate is still too small to be detected.

Temperature, glacier melt, and sea ice changes are all well within the range of natural variation for the Arctic region.  The changes that do occur have identifiable origins that are unrelated to atmospheric CO2 concentrations or human emissions.

Below is a brief summary of some of the latest research that underscores the lack of connection between anthropogenic influences and climate-related changes in the Arctic.

Read the papers here…


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2 Comments on “20 New Papers Crush Claims Of A Man-Made Link To Arctic Climate Change, Glacier Retreat, Sea Ice”

  1. irritable Bill says:

    !st cab off the rank today. I just want to say thanks to the guys who put all this astonishing amount of information together on various topics. And for keeping it real. I want to thank all the guys who contribute their knowledge and ideas on a daily basis and who very obviously actually do care about what is happening in the world today….as apposed the extremist lunatics who would have our freedoms and livelihoods stripped away and don’t car at all how we are affected by their insane politics.
    Cheers guys, have at em, Bill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jamie Spry says:

      Very kind! Thank you Bill. Means a lot. Happy to be putting a message of realism and sanity out there, rather than activist alarmism based on ideology and zealotry that is costing the taxpayer billions for nothing and hurting the very poor the very most.
      Cheers, Jamie


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