Climate Science: Put Up or Shut Up

The brilliant Rowan Dean.

Science Matters

That’s the theme of an article by Rowan Dean in The Courier-Mail, Australia:  Time for climate scientists to produce evidence that carbon dioxide emissions affect climate  Full text below with my bolds and images.

IT’S time for so-called climate scientists to either cough up one single, solitary shred of genuine scientific evidence that proves that the climate is being changed by mankind’s carbon dioxide emissions, or ‘fess up and admit that the whole thing is a gigantic hoax.

That’s the bottom line.

Asked at the beginning of this year for one of those “predictions for 2017”, I claimed that this would be the year the Australian public wakes up and realises they are being hoodwinked by the whole climate change/renewables scam.

I told Paul Murray’s lively late night TV show on Sky News that 2017 would be the year the climate con comes to an end. So how is my prediction…

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One Comment on “Climate Science: Put Up or Shut Up”

  1. chaamjamal says:

    At the root of the assumed chain of causation from emissions to the alleged catastrophic consequences climate change is the notion that changes in atmospheric CO2 levels are driven by emissions; but there is no empirical evidence for that relationship. Please see

    Climate science has attempted to establish the required relationship between the rate of emissions and changes in atmos co2 as well as the rate of warming in terms of a correlation between cumulative values called the TCRE (transient climate response to cumulative emissions). The so called path independent carbon budget (a fixed amount of total emissions that will raise temperature by 2 deg C) is based on the TCRE. This whole line of reasoning and apparent empirical evidence is spurious because it contains a fatal statistics flaw. Please see

    In fact there is no correlation between the rate of emissions and the rate of warming. Please see

    Until climate science can address these issues there is no credible “theory of anthropogenic global warming”

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