Eric Holthaus Called Out For Cheating

“If he wants to abuse statistical data for political purposes, that is his decision. But it surely destroys his reputation as a scientist.”

What other falsehoods does Holthaus spread, with an obligatory free pass from the warmist mainstream media? The sad story of post-modern, activist “climate science”.


By Paul Homewood

An experienced meteorologist, Michael Mogil, has taken exception to a particularly deceitful tweet from Eric Holthaus, who also claims to be a meteorologist:


There’s data and there’s statistics. There’s also the misrepresentation of these.

We all know that statistics themselves don’t lie, but the people who use statistics may intentionally or unintentionally do so. A Tweet late yesterday by Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) was the most recent example to catch my eye. With the Atlantic Ocean region bustling with intense hurricanes at this time, it would be easy for some people to draw an incorrect conclusion from Holthaus’ data (Fig. 1) – i.e., that intense hurricane activity is escalating. But that’s not necessarily what is happening.


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