Australia’s Massive Power Price Hike Caused by Intermittent Wind & Solar

“To be sure, there has been an acceleration of electricity prices in the past several years but one of the principal reasons for this has been the increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy in the system coupled with the retirement of synchronous coal-fired power stations.”

Australia “blows” up its last remaining coal-fired power stations in reverence to Gaia and the green gods, whilst it sells its own demomised coal to the rest of the sane world.

Welcome to insanity, Australia.


The Australian Labor Party is funded by the Union Super funds that its faithful band of apparatchiks control. The likes of Bill Shorten, Greg Combet and Garry Weaven are all heavily invested in maintaining Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, because Union Super money, under their control, has been thrown into wind and solar power outfits like Pacific Hydro. Labour Unions provide the financial backing to the ALP and Union Super funds are the cash cows that make their largess possible.

There aren’t many businesses where the management gets to control investment and guarantee the returns, at the same time.

Back in 2010, Greg Combet (as Environment Minister) increased what was a fairly modest 2% RET (or 5,000 GWh by 2010) – introduced by Liberal PM, John Howard in 2001 – to a 45,000 GWh monster by 2020: 41,000 of which was to come from large-scale generators (the LRET) and the balance from small-scale…

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