Climate change could bring tourists to UK–David Viner 2006

“Escape unbearably hot continental summers, experts say.” What goes on with climate ‘scientists’? Their entire activist rant, armed with complete deindustrialisation of the planet, only hopes to curb “2degC” rise by 2100.

That said, I live in Australia and if these record blizzards don’t stop dumping snow, I might travel to Viner’s UK – the place where the “thing of the past” resides.


By Paul Homewood

In 2006, David “Snow is a thing of the past” Viner promised that Blackpool would soon become the new Benidorm:


Climate change could “dramatically” change the face of British tourism in the next 20 years, with European tourists flocking to the UK to escape unbearably hot continental summers, experts say.

Research shows that European tourists may choose to holiday in Britain as resorts nearer to home become too hot.

Weather changes may provide revival opportunities for northern seaside towns such as Blackpool and put new strains on roads and development in southern coastal resorts, a study in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism said.

Academic David Viner, a researcher at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in Norwich, produced the report after analysing the work of experts around the globe.

“The likelihood [is] that Mediterranean summers may be too hot for tourists after 2020, as a…

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