Here’s How to Avoid Climate Panics

“A giant storm in 1588 sank nearly a hundred of the fine ships of the Spanish Armada; on the Scottish Coast in 1694, a hurricane covered a whole county with sand dunes overnight.”

EXCELLENT read on the chaos of climate change over the centuries. None of it having anything to do with CO2…

WE should be celebrating this cyclical warm period, not demonising it. For the cold brings far greater horrors…

Watts Up With That?

From Townhall

averyDennis Avery

Posted: Aug 07, 2017 10:01 AM


Americans have suffered needless climate-related panic for the past 40 years—not realizing that, since 1850, our newspapers have given us a climate scare about every 25 years. And none of them was valid.

Fortunately, climate science is now good enough to predict the key abrupt climate cycles that Mother Nature visits upon earth through the millennia. After the cold of the Maunder Sunspot Minimum at 1715, for example, earth’s temperature warmed 0.3 degrees in less than 25 years. Then two centuries later, the temperatures dropped equally swiftly into the cold of the Dalton Minimum. These abrupt shifts occurred over decades rather than centuries. Some shifts have been favorable, an equal number were unfavorable – and none involved carbon dioxide.

In 1895, some scientists volunteered that another Ice Age was starting. In 1922, the Washington Post carried a major AP article…

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