It’s absolute fantasy to think we can move to all electric cars without fossil fuels

YET MORE environmental virtue-signaling: the noble belief that “electric (fossil fuel) powered” cars/transport will “save the planet”.


Q// When did the phrase “actions (reality) speak louder than words” die?
A// When the “climate change” aka “global warming” religion began.


By Paul Homewood

A good summary from Booker on the electric car saga:


To the few of us who have long been trying to follow the Government’s woefully unreported plans for Britain’s energy future, the news of the switch in 2040 to electric cars was hardly a surprise. But the full implications of this drive to phase out virtually all use of fossil fuels in the coming decades have not yet begun to sink in. And there are many more shocks to come. Brushed aside in the daylong blizzard of propaganda to which we were treated in favour of all-electric cars, there are of course many practical reasons these have not caught on.

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