Renewable Energy Train Wreck: Australian Power Prices Set to Rocket (Again)

“If there was more coal fired power there wouldn’t be such high gas prices, and if there weren’t intermittent, highly subsidized generators, there wouldn’t be as much room to “game” the market.”




The moral of the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ isn’t don’t lie, it’s don’t tell the same lie twice.

Renewables rent-seekers continue to stick with the same grab bag of lies, myths and furphies, despite mountains of evidence revealing their marketing pitch is just so much polished propaganda.

South Australia (Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’) is held up by wind worshippers as the example of how to transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

When the wind blows for a few hours at a stretch (see above) the wind cult claims victory, and seizes the high moral ground. However, woe betide anybody with the temerity to point out that SA’s obsession with wind power has left it with the highest power prices in the world, retail power prices rocketing, year-on-year, at 20% and a tripling of power costs to business in just on two years. Oh, and heaven…

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Queensland chief scientist Professor Suzanne Miller sidelined over fraud charges

DODGY climate, taxpayer vampire, thieving trash. Another day in the government climate/environment bureaucracy.

Watts Up With That?

Breaking News:

From the “trust me, I’m a scientist department” comes this story from soon-to-be-50%-renewables Queensland. 

ByPeter Campion


Photo: Professor Miller was appointed to the role of chief scientist in December 2016. (Supplied: Tom Greenard)

The Australian ABC is reporting that Professor Suzanne Miller has been stood aside as Queensland’s chief scientist after being charged with fraud by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

The ABC report ( says,

“Professor Miller, who is also the CEO and director of the Queensland Museum Network, is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates court on August 8. Bail conditions include that Professor Miller must surrender her UK and Australian passports.”

So has Australia snuck in an equivalent of the US’ pending Honest Act?  No such luck as it happens.  It’s just a simple insurance fraud matter.  The ABC again,

“Court documents state between February 1, 2014 and July…

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