California is handling climate change all wrong – Bjorn Lomborg

NO SH*T Sherlock.
1. It rained in CA in absolute contradiction of Jerry and the expert climate nut bags “Permanet Drought” assurances.
2. Bjorn needs to rethink his PC derived CO2-AGW belief system. He knows it’s BS. Cut him until he jumps off the PC fence.

Watts Up With That?


While the L A Times is busy hyping Governor Brown’s success in extending its expensive and bureaucratically onerous cap and tax law from 2020 to 2030 Bjorn Lomborg director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center has an article in the Times showing how California’s climate alarmist schemes are incredibly wrong.


However Lomborg clearly articulates the irrelevancy that California’s go it alone approach produces.


Further Lomborg exposes the terrible costs that Californian’s will pay now and in the coming years while failing to achieve any worthwhile global benefits. Meanwhile the Times celebrate’s Governor Brown’s political savvy in being able to foist such a costly and worthless scheme upon the people of California.



Lomborg believes that California’s climate alarmist scheme’s driven by Governor Brown are misguided and that the state should instead take a more realistic and productive approach to address its climate concerns.

“California is embracing huge costs while doing virtually nothing…

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One Comment on “California is handling climate change all wrong – Bjorn Lomborg”

  1. Øyvind Davidsen says:

    But he is a climate hero. That’s the point. He is now on level with Leonardo deCaprio and Johnny Depp. Not bad 🙂


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