Industrial-Scale Battery Storage of Wind & Solar Power Does Not Exist & May Never Exist

“The New York Times has admitted green energy batteries and storage technology aren’t up to the technical challenge of supporting wind and solar panels on a large scale.

“The research highlights the fact that it is currently impossible to economically store power for times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Purchasing enough batteries to provide just three days of storage for an average American household costs about $15,000, and those batteries only lasts for about five years and are very difficult to recycle.”

Shock news ⚡️


With the world now alive to the fact that entirely weather dependent wind and solar power will never stand on their own 2 feet; and that intermittency really does matter, renewables rent-seekers have been banging on about mega-batteries saving the day.

Australia’s ‘wind power capital’, South Australia – having destroyed its once reliable and affordable power supply by attempting to run on sunshine and breezes – has developed a cunning plan to spend $150 million on an Elon Musk mega-battery that, at 100MWh, would supply SA’s minimum power needs for all of four minutes (see our post here).

A week or so back, Alan Finkel produced a report purporting to resolve Australia’s power market chaos, caused by the erratic and chaotic supply generated (occasionally) by wind and solar power generators.

Finkel’s fantasy includes backing up wind and solar with mega-batteries, spread from coast-to-coast across this wide-brown land.


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