Former PM – John Howard Calls Australia’s Renewables Policy a ‘National Scandal’

“The disastrous energy policies that have been put in place since John Howard dipped our toes into the renewable con at the end of the last century is now bearing fruit with major closures of the unsubsidised plant bringing about contract prices now well above $100 per MWh, two to three times their average level 1999-2015.”

2% renewable (unreliable) energy target, as Howard originally promoted, is still a gross waste of other people’s (taxpayers) money, induced by climate virtue-signalling, based on fake global warming scares and confected eco-hysteria.


John Howard: Elder Statesman calls subsidy scam a National scandal.


John Howard was seen by many as the underdog of Australian conservative politics, who took more than two decades as a Federal MP to reach the position of Prime Minister, the victim of bitter internal political wrangling and intrigue within the Liberal Party.

After he was deposed as Liberal opposition leader by Andrew Peacock in a leadership coup in May 1989, Howard likened his chances of ever leading the Liberals again as that of “Lazarus with a triple bypass”.

Clearly the beneficiary of some cardiac miracle, John Howard became Australia’s 25th Prime Minister on 11 March 1996 and kept that post for over 11 years, until 3 December 2007, making him Australia’s second longest serving PM after Bob Menzies.

While Howard, as with any politician, had his critics, no one could question his devotion to principle and efforts…

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Warmist President Obama Wrong, Wrong And Wrong

Shock news – Obama’s climate lies have been thoroughly investigated, acknowledged and reported on by his fawning mainstream media. /sarc

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Global warming is a licence to tell untruths.

Take former U.S. President Barack Obama:

Our changing climate is already making it more difficult to produce food… We’ve already seen shrinking yields and rising food prices.

This is indeed what climate alarmists have been predicting for decades.

But 2016 in fact had record harvests, which have been steadily rising.

If Obama means only the harvest per hectare is shrinking, he’s again wrong.

From a CSIRO report:

World wheat, rice and soybean yields have been increasing linearly over the past 20 years.

And he’s wrong about food prices, certainly when measured in real terms:

So wrong, wrong and wrong. But which expert will denounce untruths told in such a noble (?) cause?


The CSIRO report does warn that yield growth may slow or even stop, but global warming has little or nothing to do with…

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