Obama Lies Again

“Obama himself is so concerned about global warming that he flew by private jet to Milan, in order to make this speech, which earned him $2.7 million.”

THE MESSIAH (Barack Obama) – a blatant liar and raging hypocrite. The “Science Says So”.


By Paul Homewood



Leaving office has not stopped Obama’s habit of telling porkies, as the Daily Caller reports:

Former President Barack Obama told those gathered at an agricultural conference that man-made global warming was already impacting agriculture on a global scale, shrinking crop yields and raising food prices.

“Our changing climate is already making it more difficult to produce food,” Obama said at the Seeds & Chips conference in Milan, Italy Tuesday, according to The New York Times.

“We’ve already seen shrinking yields and rising food prices,” the former president said in his first speech outside the U.S. since leaving office in January.

But is global warming already hurting agriculture? There’s not a lot of evidence for that claim.

In fact, 2016 was a record year for crop yields, which have basically doubled since 2007.

Production of wheat, coarse grains and rice hit record levels in 2016, according to…

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Europe Squanders €1.1 trillion on Wind & Solar: But Gets Only 4% of its Power from Sun & Wind

NOVELTY, taxpayer funded, unreliable, green-energy insanity update…

“The actual measured output by 2014 from data supplied by the Renewables Industry has been 38 Gigawatts or 3.8% of Europe’s electricity requirement, at a capacity factor of ~18% overall.”

AND don’t forget this, “the [3.8%] Renewable [unreliable] Energy contribution to the electricity supply grid is inevitably erratic, intermittent and non-dispatchable.”

That ultimately means, the more “unreliable” energy sources (wind/solar) that are setup (with other people’s money), the more ‘reliable’ fossil fuel plants are needed to be setup to support and stabilise the grid! Inevitably creating an overall “CO2” increase!? Not the best outcome if “CO2” is your evil-jam!

Adding More Solar And Wind Power ‘Doubles’ CO2 Emissions

Unreliable, un-green energy – what a con, what a disaster, what a sick joke.


This piece was published last year, but the message is so stark it’s well-worth revisiting. Despite spending €1,100,000,000,000 on large-scale wind and solar generation, the amount of power being actually delivered in return is risible:

The actual measured output by 2014 from data supplied by the Renewables Industry has been 38 Gigawatts or 3.8% of Europe’s electricity requirement, at a capacity factor of ~18% overall.

Those numbers could, if we were a tad cynical, have something to do with pesky sunsets and/or the vagaries of the weather.

Failed Economics Of Renewable Energy: The Facts
Principia Scientific International
Ed Hoskins
4 April 2016

By 2014 European Union countries had invested approximately €1.1 trillion, €1,100,000,000,000, in large scale Renewable Energy installations.

This has provided a nominal nameplate electrical generating capacity of about 216 Gigawatts, or nominally about ~22% of the total European generation needs of about 1000 Gigawatts.

The actual measured output by 2014 from data supplied…

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