Climate propaganda brought to your living room care of TV meteorologists

“Environmentalists have politicized science of subjects like global warming in order to achieve their ends of attempting to revert mankind back to the Stone Age. Despite losing the wider debate, however, it has not stopped environmentalists and their allies in science and the media since defeats are only a setback. Not only are they twisting or changing scientific data in order to continue to link human activity to climate change, they are indoctrinating potential television meteorologists in order to achieve and maintain political power.”

Green Jihad

The green glob has been spending time and money indoctrinating young television meteorologists. The proof comes from a meteorologist profiled by Bloomberg named Amber Sullivan who is the chief meteorologist at ABC 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona is a notoriously hot state and has made national news for the triple degree temperatures at has reached at times. The air during the spring when it starts warming is dry but before spring and after winter, the state enjoys beautiful, warm, sunny temperatures.

Sullins got exposed to climate science four years ago when she attended a workshop for broadcasters at University of Arizona. While there she watched a lecture by Benjamin Santer, an atmospheric scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who also happens to be a climate alarmist.

Allegedly taking into account that the demands of her job were changing due to appearing on digital segments, Sullins states she prepared herself…

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