Despite NOAA denial, growing number of new studies confirm global warming hiatus

Ahh, but those man-made computer models tell us the real story of man-made global warming šŸ’» !
Let’s believe them like the “experts” demand. šŸ™ƒ

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Earth and climate ā€“ an ongoing controversy
The reality of a global temperature ā€˜standstillā€™ was accepted as fact by fervent warmist James Hansen in a paper over four years ago, but is still controversial to some people.

Despite widespread denial among climate activists, a growing number of scientific research papers in recent monthsĀ haveĀ confirmed the global warming hiatus, trying to explain its possible reasons (for the latest studies see GWPF links here). Ā 

The latest study claims thatĀ the Southern Ocean played a critical role in the global warming slowdown.

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