SA’s Self-Inflicted Power Debacle: Instead of $550m on Diesel Generators & Batteries, $25m Could Have Saved Baseload Plant & the State

The title says it all.

Disgraceful abuse of hard-working taxpayers money.

And yet another great example of how “green centralised planning” has catastrophically failed, just like “economic centralised planning” has failed communist/socialist states gone by.

How much more of *other people’s money* will it take for the eco-loons to realise that their climate-obsessed ideology and subsequent energy solutions are defunct?


Good governance requires more than just a little common sense. The antithesis of good governance is arrogance, hubris and ideology.

In Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’, South Australia, it’s hapless Labor government could never be accused of letting common sense get in the way of its efforts to destroy any remaining economic advantage that the beleaguered and mendicant state might still possess.

SA’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill, in a last-ditch attempt to keep the lights on, determined a few weeks back to throw $550 million of taxpayers’ money at a 100MW battery that would power South Australia for all of four minutes and 200-250MW of diesel generation capacity which would cost over $400 per MWh to run, compared with the $40 per MWh that power from the now-defunct Port Augusta power plant once cost to produce.

After trying to convince the media and his long-suffering constituents that there was no…

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