Nuclear Power: the ‘Grown Ups’ Option for Australia’s Unfolding Power Crisis

EXCELLENT (sane) read.

We need to start talking (CO2-free) nuclear. If CO2 is yur jam.

IMHO nuclear fusion will be the future. Bonding/fusing hydrogen atoms just like our sun does! And the processes primary fuel source – sea water!

A long way off as we are yet to control the enormous heat reaction and harness its limitless baseload energy.

Warmist environmental editor Andy Revkin of the (warmist) NYTimes is a strong advocate. Well worth searching his name + hydrogen fusion.


maturity, noun: the quality of behaving mentally and emotionally like an adult; a very advanced or developed form or state.

If there is one attribute sorely missed in Australia’s energy debate it has to be ‘maturity’.

Now that Australia’s suicidal renewable energy policies are starting to bite, destroying the viability of our cheapest and most reliable base-load power plants and, with them, our once reliable and affordable power supplies, a state of panic has set in.

Fear and anxiety are not conducive to finding measured and lasting solutions to existential threats like the one that has already played out in South Australia; and which now threatens the rest of the Country.

Instead of fronting up to the causes and consequences of our power pricing and supply calamity, the morally bankrupt idiots that pretend to govern us have dashed straight for the periphery: calling in aid from Californian carpetbagger, Elon…

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