Climate Scientists Demonstrate Again That they Are Incompetent Zealots

Real Science

Sep 30, 2014

Scientists are fairly confident that global warming increased the severity and likelihood of extreme heat events in 2013 in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China and Europe.

Blistering heat waves recorded around the globe in 2013 were linked to human-caused global warming, according to a broad survey of studies on extreme weather events published yesterday.

Global Warming Fired Up Heat Waves in 2013 – Scientific American

I’m completely confident that these scientists are clueless. The EPA shows that by far the worst heat waves occurred 80 years ago, with CO2 at 310 PPM.

ScreenHunter_298 Oct. 01 13.11

High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The clearest climate signals emerged in Australia, which is the driest continent on Earth. In 2013, the nation faced its hottest year on record since measurements began in 1910. The year was also exceptionally dry, leading to the colloquial name the Big Dry.


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One Comment on “Climate Scientists Demonstrate Again That they Are Incompetent Zealots”

  1. Irritable Bill. says:

    When the well known Globalist and former Goldman Sachs CEO PM Turnbull took over the leadership of the Liberal Party in Australia he immediately stopped an investigation into the BOMs fraudulent “hottest year ever” claims. Manufactured homogenized evidence in much the same way as NOAA and the “pausebuster” fraud and evidence lost and unable to be reproduced in the same way as “Pausebauster.”
    Are you getting the picture? Since the BOM has the green light to do what ever they like, 2014 was the hottest year ever, 2015 is the hottest year ever and have no doubt that 2016 will yet again be the hottest year ever.
    I have written numerous simple questions to M.Turnbull, being careful as possible not to offend, and received no replies, except once when someone sent a message back saying that my question would be sent to the relevant Minister and not to worry about a non-reply because the PM believes in…”Open Government.”
    Well, at least I got a laugh out of my efforts! PS. The corals on the Barrier Reef are just fine, and any damage that did occur is due to the temporary effects of the El Nino pattern and believe it or not the photos the Greens used to make their hysterical claims of massive wide spread destruction were of cyclone dammed reefs in the Philippines. Like the polar bears, the reef lives on, pristine and self repairing as since they evolved at a time when Co2 levels were about 4,000 PPM…not bloody likely is it that 400 PPM is going tom have much of a negative effect! .


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