House Science Committee Hearing

“…That all changed for me in November 2009, following the leaked Climategate emails, that illustrated the sausage making and even bullying that went into building the consensus.

I came to the growing realization that I had fallen into the trap of groupthink in supporting the IPCC consensus.”

Must read summary of Judith Curry’s Testimony at the U.S. House Science Committee Hearing on Climate Change (March 29, 2017) …

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Sun’s impact on climate change quantified for first time

Shock! Horror! The “Sun” influences climate change 😱

The fact that the UN IPCC and CMIP5 climate models (through which governments use to formulate trillions of dollars of taxpayers money on climate policy, schemes and scams) dismiss the sun as having anything to do with climate change aka global warming, should be the biggest hint of the nefarious agenda of the UN IPCC who set the “man-made” climate narrative.

God forbid that the sun has anything to do with climate change! How would one be able to blame evil mankind and its evil trace gasses if the sun were a key driver?

How would Governments tax the sun? Although the Spanish government did have a such a sun-tax during its disastrous “unreliable” (wind/solar) energy experiment that literally wrecked its economy.

That said, congratulations to (the warmist) for publishing this finding. Though I can’t help thinking that maybe the editorial board were away on spring break or maybe absent that day?! 🌞

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Quiet sun [image credit: NASA]
Solar variation influencing climate is suddenly plausible, say researchers. Who knew? Well, nearly everyone except climate modellers. Although they still mutter about human influence, the reality of the solar slowdown is starting to bite it seems. If as they suggest ‘A weaker sun could reduce temperatures by half a degree’ what might they expect from a ‘stronger sun’?

For the first time, model calculations show a plausible way that fluctuations in solar activity could have a tangible impact on the climate, reports

Studies funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation expect human-induced global warming to tail off slightly over the next few decades. A weaker sun could reduce temperatures by half a degree.

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