UK government pumps £23m into hydrogen powered vehicles

More ad-hoc (taxpayer funded) green centralised planning, bound to fail like most centralised planning inevitably does when price/efficiency signals are elimainated and/or created artificially.

Can’t wait when society loses its eco-fear and Leftist anti-capitalistic, climate alarmist taboos and gets serious about energy, in particular hydrogen ‘fusion’. IMO the future of energy. With its primary fuel source – sea water!

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But where will the hydrogen come from? As the report says: ‘Questions remain over how to supply hydrogen in a low-carbon cost-effective manner’. The trouble is these questions have been around for ever and show no sign of going away. Producing electricity, converting it into hydrogen then back to electricity seems unlikely ever to be a cheap process.

The UK government has revealed plans to pump £23 million into “cutting edge” infrastructure to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen powered vehicles, reports Utility Week.

The Department for Transport has invited hydrogen fuel providers to bid for match funding from the government for high-tech infrastructure projects, including fuelling stations, in a competition launching over the summer.

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