David Horowitz: Why I am No Longer a Leftist

3 fascinating videos featured via “Green Jihad”

If you have the time, I highly recommend viewing all. Very interesting, succinct and brutally informative.

If you’re short for time, view these parts:

Video 1 : 5-6mins

Video 2 : 11-15:35mins

Video 3 : 12-13:40mins

Green Jihad

Author and ex-Marxist David Horowitz joins talk show host David Rubin to discuss, the Communist Party, Black Panthers, similarities with the hate for Reagan and the hate for Trump, his 1986 column in the Village Voice titled Why I Am No Longer a Leftist and more. During this interview, Horowitz also reveals why the Left (which the environmentalist movement is a part of) ultimately is a racist, totalitarian movement.

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One Comment on “David Horowitz: Why I am No Longer a Leftist”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    I fail to see a relation between these interviews and the science and politics of climate. Any relation seems tenuous at most? Maybe someone can enlighten me? Yes, lefties populate the climate religion but the interviews are not about that correlation.


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