Report: Trump Orders Massive UN Budget Cuts

“My question – why not cut 100%?”
Exactly. And maybe then the CO2-obsessed, fear mongering, climate fragile and unelected UN might consider how it spends other people’s hard earned money. Like jetting 40,000 elites to exotic destinations every year to gabble over “climate” catastrophe. Hypocrites.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart – According to, the Trump White House has ordered the State Department to cut at least 50% of US contributions to the United Nations.

EXCLUSIVE White House Seeks to Cut Billions in Funding for United Nations

U.S. retreat from U.N. could mark a “breakdown of the international humanitarian system as we know it.”

State Department staffers have been instructed to seek cuts in excess of 50 percent in U.S. funding for U.N. programs, signaling an unprecedented retreat by President Donald Trump’s administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen, according to three sources.

The push for such draconian measures comes as the White House is scheduled on Thursday to release its 2018 budget proposal, which is expected to include cuts of up to…

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