Australia’s Power Policy FAIL: Runaway Renewable Energy Target Destroying Business, Industry & Jobs

EXCELLENT READ by Jennifer Hewett out of the Australian Financial Review:

“Lights are going out on energy policy”
24 February 2017

“The sun doesn’t always shine. The wind doesn’t always blow.”

Hazlewood coal-fired power plant closing 31st March, putting huge energy stress on Victoria and SA!

Watch this awful space…


Alocoa’s Port Henry: here’s some jobs the RET helped destroy, earlier…


In the, ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ category, Australia’s Renewable Energy Target has turned toxic.

Costly and pointless at the same time, the massive subsidies directed to wind and solar power have not only destroyed once affordable and reliable power supplies, they are inevitably destroying not just otherwise viable businesses, but whole industries.

Malcolm Turnbull consistently proves himself to be a man of perfectly studied inaction. Incapable of recognising the economic damage being meted out by Australia’s Large-Scale RET, his Coalition government is drifting to defeat. Meanwhile, Australian businesses and households are drifting to despair.

The first piece from the Australian Financial Review appeared a couple of weeks ago and gives a pretty fair wrap up of the politics and policies that threaten to wreck Australia’s economic fortunes forever.

Lights are going out on…

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