Hazelwood Power Plant Closing 31st March – Currently Delivering More Power Than Every Wind Plant In Australia

This one “old” coal-fired station still produced more electricity this week than all Australia’s wind farms combined. (TonyfromOz)

“That power it produces is also cheaper and more reliable than what those wind farms produce.
We are cutting out throats from sheer global warming lunacy.” (A.Bolt – Herald Sun)

Without that “old” power station online, where is SA going to get its baseload “reliable” power from when ‘the wind don’t blow’ or when ‘the sun don’t shine’?!

And where the hell is Victoria going to get the 20% of power that Hazlewood provides?!

The mind boggles, while people, jobs and Australia’s economy suffer’s thanks to fake scares and climate doomsday fear mongering c/o the paranoid, virtue-signalling and minority, Climate obsessed eco-lobby.

Andrew Bolt was bang on commenting, “These are fake scares creating huge damage. Once again, the scaremongering is more dangerous than the scare.”

And to repeat,

China and India are opening a new coal-fired power station every week, with thousands in the pipeline. As well, ideologically green-energy-obsessed Germany is reverting *back* to coal after its disastrous €Trillion green-energy experiment fail that they call(ed) “Energiewende”.

Meanwhile, Australia eagerly and almost proudly submits to Einsteins theory of madness, that being the “definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

The great Green statist and centrally planned “unreliable” energy revolution – true insanity on steroids, in the age of collective eco-madness.

When common sense and reason prevails, people will look back on this bizarre era of eco-insanity and wonder what-the-hell were they thinking?

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By Anton Lang ~

This Post is about the upcoming closure of the Hazelwood Power Plant. Each day, I will be adding the totals for power delivery from this plant with a comparison to ALL the wind power in Australia, and also the total for Wind Power in Victoria, the same State where the Hazelwood plant is situated…..TonyfromOz

53 Year old Hazelwood power plant is currently delivering more power than EVERY wind plant in Australia

The Hazelwood Power plant in the State of Victoria in Australia is scheduled for closure on the 31st March 2017. The Image below is Hazelwood Power Station and was taken on the 8th March 2017, during this same Month of the plant’s closure.

Hazelwood Power Plant – 8th March 2017. Image Credit David Maddison.

If you click on the image it will open in a new and larger window. You can just make out…

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New UCLA End of Snow Prediction

“Climate scientists regularly embarrass themselves with “end of snow” predictions, because they are an inevitable consequence of the “projections” (don’t say predictions) of their runaway climate models.”

Dr David Viner of CRU should have taught the climate catastrophists a lesson or three. Although, that was back in 2000. Short memories them climate “scientists”, perhaps ?!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

UCLA thinks that by the end of the century, Climate will reduce the Sierra Nevada snowpack by 85%.

Climate change puts California’s snowpack in jeopardy in future droughts

UCLA research shows how warming trends affect the Sierra Nevada now and in the future

Belinda Waymouth | March 09, 2017

Skiing in July? It could happen this year, but California’s days of bountiful snow are numbered.

After five years of drought and water restrictions, the state is reeling from its wettest winter in two decades. Moisture-laden storms have turned brown hillsides a lush green and state reservoirs are overflowing. There’s so much snow, Mammoth Mountain resort plans to be open for business on Fourth of July weekend.

The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which provides 60 percent of the state’s water via a vast network of dams and reservoirs, has already been diminished by human-induced climate change…

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