Jeremy Warner’s Battery Revolution

“The irony is that the heavily subsidised nature of renewables has rendered the back-up grids required to function at all times commercially unviable; no sane investor would risk his money in an unsubsidised conventional power plant that only operates when it is needed; the economics don’t stack up.”

Jeremy is tripping on (battery) acid. Literally.

Not to mention the horrific “mining” (that greens are so into) needed to dig for the rare earth minerals needed for an horrific amount of batteries to balance system demand. I.e. When the wind stops and when the sun goes to bed.

More madness from the feel-good “unrealiable” energy brigade. #WTF


By Paul Homewood


Jeremy Warner still thinks batteries will solve all our energy problems:

Most revolutions are noisy, violent affairs with often destructive outcomes. But some creep up on you unawares. One such is the coming upheaval in energy supply. This promises to transform the way power is delivered to the consumer, with potentially dramatic implications for existing generators and distributors. And as if to prove the point that not all revolutions are bad, it also promises a world of much cheaper prices.

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