Five out of six US wildfires are caused by people, says study

Nothing to see here. It’s global warming aka climate change aka climate disruption.
Every natural disaster is caused by CO2. Period. (Even if CO2 is like kryptonite to fire.)

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Some of the blazes were accidental, and as people travel more the areas at risk are increasing.

A new study blames people for triggering five out of every six wildfires in the United States and tripling the length of the wildfire season, reports the Daily Mail Online.

Even as climate change worsens the nation’s fire season – making it longer and easier to burn more acres – researchers say human activities play an even bigger role.

Scientists looking at fire data from 1992 to 2012 found that 84 percent of all U.S. wildfires were started by people, either by accident or on purpose.

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One Comment on “Five out of six US wildfires are caused by people, says study”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    Learn the science background here:
    “Anatomy of the false link between forest fires and anthropogenic CO2”


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