Greenland Viking Science

Excellent historical read on the fascinating existence of the Vikings and Greenlands relationship to the rest of the world both environmentally and economically! Cheers Ron šŸ»

“So there is a climate angle to the story of Greenland Vikings. Unlike climate alarmists, these scientists looked deeper and found a more complicated truth.”

Science Matters

Eric the Red slept here: Qassiarsuk features replicas of a Viking church and longhouse. (Ciril Jazbec)

It is refreshing to come across scientists researching a question without the corrupting need to scare the public or to confirm some personal, professional or moral fear of the future. In this case I refer to a wonderful Smithsonian article on the question: Why Did Greenlandā€™s Vikings Vanish?Ā Newly discovered evidence is upending our understanding of how early settlers made a life on the island ā€” and why they suddenly disappeared.

Some excerpts below give the flavor of this persistent effort by researchers unrewarded by the availability of huge grants that now flow to the once-lowly climatologists. Ā The whole article is fascinating to anyone with curiosity.

The Mystery of Greenland Vikings

But the documents are most remarkableā€”and bafflingā€”for what they donā€™t contain: any hint of hardship or imminent catastrophe for the Viking settlersā€¦

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