South Australia’s Wind Power Debacle: Supermarkets Sacking Staff, While Sales of Portable Generators Boom

And what is that stuff called that portable generators run on again?? Oh that’s right – fossil fuels!

Greens and their feel-good, useless windmills. Creating hugely expensive, unreliable and unwanted energy causing a boom in Chinese made fossil fuel generators (using our demonised coal to make them of course!)

Another great example of Greens and their feel-good intentions and insane policies that is “Killing The Earth To Save It”!

You really can’t make this stuff up.



Reliable, secure and affordable electricity is one of those things that the last few generations of Australians have largely taken for granted.

Not so in Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’, South Australia. These days, Croweaters count their blessings if power is delivered at all and count their pennies every time they’re hit with a power bill that is magnitudes greater than the last.

With a power supply to rival Equatorial Africa and retail prices more than double their neighbouring states, South Australians are at wits end. The first article from The Australian deals with the crashing economic impact that South Australia’s rocketing power prices are having on business, while the second details the kind of DIY spirit that’s needed in a State obsessed with its attempt to run on sunshine and breezes.

Supermarket staff cut to absorb $2.5m rise in power costs
The Australian
Meredith Booth
10 February 2017


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A follow up on the ‘it was warmer in 1790 in Sydney’ story

SYDNEY 1790 : Bats dropped dead “unable longer to endure the burning state of the atmosphere.”

Thank God for today’s industrial windmills – far more effective bat and bird killing machines than the evil heat-causing CO2 of 1790.

Watts Up With That?

Readers may recall the story  Global Warming?……. It was warmer in Sydney in 1790 by Craig Kelly, MP in NSW Australia in response to some of the recent alarmist caterwauling in the press about the hot summer in Australia being a sign of ‘global warming’. He writes in with an update regarding criticisms by Steven Mosher regarding instrument calibration.

Meteorological records for Port Jackson, New South Wales, compiled by Lieutenant William Dawes, 1788–91.
Meteorological records for Port Jackson, New South Wales, compiled by Lieutenant William Dawes, 1788–91. The Royal Society.

Kelly writes:


Hi Anthony,

I’ve done a bit more research on the temperature measurements recorded by Tench in 1790 that  I thought you might be interested in.

Firstly, it appears the measurements were taken in a purpose built observatory which stood at location of the current pylons of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The Observatory was built and run by William Dawes. 

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