When Will Josh Frydenberg Stop Lying About the Federal Government’s $40bn RET?

The supposed “CO2 savings” that Australia’s $40 BILLION RET, to subsidise – economy, environmental and life-wrecking windmills, will save by 2030 or even 2100, will be emitted in a single week by China alone.

Japan has just committed to 45 new coal plans as well.

Let that all sink in.

Is “save the planet” virtue-signalling really worth all this pain for so little or no gain?


malcolm-turnbull-press-club Turnbull seems happy to play Pinocchio, too…


Blame shifting and buck-passing have become the national political sport. Lying and obfuscation are, of course, essential prerequisites for those moving up the political ladder. However, the brazenness with which Australia’s Energy and Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg engages in political ‘craft’ is breathtaking.

In a week where South Australia saw 90,000 homes chopped from the grid – during a routine, total collapse in wind power output – Frydenberg and PM, Malcolm Turnbull yelled themselves hoarse in the House, berating SA’s hapless Labor government for its wind power obsession, a fair point.

However, Frydenberg continually pedals the lie that it is the SA Labor government’s renewable energy target that’s put South Australia on the map as an international laughing stock.

As Chris Kenny points out in this brilliant piece that appeared in the Weekend Australian, Frydenberg and Turnbull “need to deal with the…

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