Renewable Power Australia – Coal And Gas Save NSW From Blackouts, But Labor Demands More Wind

….and the Libs with their 25% “unreliable” energy commitment.

Both major parties wrecking Australia’s economy, the environment and people’s livelihoods all in one insane political, virtue-signalling “save the planet” swoop.


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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian Labor Party wants to force the country to switch to 50 per cent green power – almost all of it unreliable wind and solar – by 2030, or just 13 years from now.

How mad is that? New South Wales (NSW) was baked by a heat wave on the weekend, and relied on coal and gas for 93 per cent of its electricity to escape blackouts, with more fossil-fuel power pumped in from interstate.

How can Labor demand probably 10 times more wind power when South Australia has just shown what happens when you rely so much on a power source that dies when the wind stops?

Keith Orchison:

The Bayswater Coal Fired Power Plant In New South WalesThe Bayswater Coal Fired Power Plant In New South Wales

Yesterday’s extreme heat after Friday’s high temperatures delivered the largest Saturday power demand in NSW in six years … and saw the State load at…

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When Will Josh Frydenberg Stop Lying About the Federal Government’s $40bn RET?

The supposed “CO2 savings” that Australia’s $40 BILLION RET, to subsidise – economy, environmental and life-wrecking windmills, will save by 2030 or even 2100, will be emitted in a single week by China alone.

Japan has just committed to 45 new coal plans as well.

Let that all sink in.

Is “save the planet” virtue-signalling really worth all this pain for so little or no gain?


malcolm-turnbull-press-club Turnbull seems happy to play Pinocchio, too…


Blame shifting and buck-passing have become the national political sport. Lying and obfuscation are, of course, essential prerequisites for those moving up the political ladder. However, the brazenness with which Australia’s Energy and Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg engages in political ‘craft’ is breathtaking.

In a week where South Australia saw 90,000 homes chopped from the grid – during a routine, total collapse in wind power output – Frydenberg and PM, Malcolm Turnbull yelled themselves hoarse in the House, berating SA’s hapless Labor government for its wind power obsession, a fair point.

However, Frydenberg continually pedals the lie that it is the SA Labor government’s renewable energy target that’s put South Australia on the map as an international laughing stock.

As Chris Kenny points out in this brilliant piece that appeared in the Weekend Australian, Frydenberg and Turnbull “need to deal with the…

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Booker On The NOAA Scandal

“The warmist lobby had no greater concern at that time than the so-called “pause”: the evidence that, for nearly 20 years, the trend in global temperatures had been failing to rise as all the official computer models had predicted it should.”

Enter NOAA’s Tom Karl and Thomas Peterson who both refused congressional subpoena on their flawed ‘pausebuster’ paper with NOAA’s Tom Karl conveniently resigning before the fake “pause buster” paper was released.

Something smells right? Yep.


By Paul Homewood


Booker weighs in on the latest NOAA scandal:

Two years ago last week, I wrote a column given the provocative heading “The fiddling of temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever”. It was the second of two articles which attracted a record 42,000 comments from all over the world, reporting on the discovery by expert bloggers in half a dozen countries – led in Britain by Paul Homewood on his site “Not a lot of people know that” – that something very odd appeared to have been done to the official land surface temperature records on which, more than anything else, the entire alarm over man-made global warming has rested.

These derive from the record known as the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN), run by the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). By comparing archived data with that now being published…

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