South Australia Powerless (Again): Sudden 1,000MW Wind Power Output Collapse Leaves 90,000 Families Boiling in the Dark

How much more evidence do wind weasels, eco-fascists and virtue-signaling politicians need to end this “green” energy insanity??



Smug’: adjective – having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements. Eg, “he was feeling smug after his win”.

synonyms: self-satisfied, complacent, self-congratulatory, superior, puffed up, pleased with oneself, self-approving, well pleased, proud of oneself.

Yes, that’s STT: but our sense of self-satisfaction is not gleeful.

STT has been spelling out the wind power fraud, its causes and consequences since December 2012. However, until now, it has been like bashing our heads against a brick wall: relief only comes with cessation. Frustrated and angry at the morally bankrupt idiots the pretend to govern us and, worse still, parade as energy experts without the first clue about electricity grids or electricity markets, STT can only fume at the results playing out in South Australia and beyond.

True it is, that there is nothing like being (repeatedly) proved correct in a public forum, but it would…

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One Comment on “South Australia Powerless (Again): Sudden 1,000MW Wind Power Output Collapse Leaves 90,000 Families Boiling in the Dark”

  1. 97% of Earth’s Greenhouse Gas is Water Vapor that can also absorb and release vast amounts of heat energy going to and from water and ice. CO2 is less than 3%, and it cannot go to liquid at all, or ice in Earth’s atmosphere. Humans contribute 10% of the 3% CO2. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR CO2 do dominate.
    To see proof, the science, and how and why we are being lied to, see and on YouTube, Adapt 2030.

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