SA loses power in another wind farm fail

Global Warming ideological insanity on stilts. And the AUS govt wants more of these useless 16th Century feel-good windmills to meet some arbitrary emissions target set by unelected, ideologically deranged elites over at the UN!

We truly are living in the age of collective madness.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Stewgreen


It’s not long since South Australia’s wind power went AWOL during a storm, plunging most of the state into darkness.

Now, as the Herald Sun reports, there’s blackouts there because there’s no wind:

South Australia’s wind farms fail again, grinding out just 2 per cent power when the wind’s die in a heatwave.

Result: blackouts to 40,000 homes as the temperature soars above 40 degrees. And lives put in danger by this green madness.

Widespread power blackouts were imposed across Adelaide and parts of South Australia with heatwave conditions forcing authorities to impose load shedding.

About 40,000 properties were without electricity supplies for about 30 minutes because of what SA Power Networks said was a direction by the Australian Energy Market Regulator.

The temperature was still above 40C when the rolling blackouts began at 6.30pm to conserve supplies as residents sought relief with air…

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