Sea Level Rise At Norfolk, Va

Great example of how the Global Warming obsessed media feeds you “fake news” and junk science to feed the climate crisis narrative.

And unless you have the Paul Homewoods of the world analysing the actual data, this climate junk news is swallowed whole and added to the Global Warming doom directory.


By Paul Homewood


From Voice of America News:


A nondescript metal box at the end of an unremarkable pier in Norfolk, Va. is one key to why the U.S. Navy is concerned about climate change.

For nine decades, the Sewells Point tide gauge or its ancestors have been recording the sea level off Pier 6 at Naval Station Norfolk.

The story it tells is clear. Between naturally sinking land and global warming driven sea level rise, the water is a half-meter higher than it was at the beginning of the last century.

That’s creating problems at the world’s largest naval base.

Unfortunately the article forgets to tell us exactly how much of the sea level rise is due to naturally sinking land.

Fortunately we have this study by John Boon et al, which estimates the figure to be 2.72mm/yr, ie 60% of the total sea…

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