Study relates Atlantic hurricane frequency to sunspot activity

So record and increasing “CO2” emissions have led to a record lull in Atlantic landfall hurricanes, CAT3+, over the past decade.

And yet, the “Sun” is still largely a taboo topic by climate alarmists concerning its effect on climate.

Another study showing “CO2” is not the climate control knob, rather the “Sun”. But don’t tell this to climate alarmists, or you’ll be denounced a “DENIER”……to shut you up of course.

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Hurricane Katrina [image credit: NASA] Hurricane Katrina [image credit: NASA]
Although some climate alarmists contend that CO2-induced global warming will increase the number of hurricanes in the future, the search for such effect on Atlantic Ocean tropical cyclone frequency has so far remained elusive, reports CO2 Science.

And with the recent publication of Rojo-Garibaldi et al. (2016), it looks like climate alarmists will have to keep on looking, or accept the likelihood that something other than CO2 is at the helm in moderating Atlantic hurricane frequency.

In their intriguing analysis published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, the four-member research team of Rojo-Garibaldi et al. developed a new database of historical hurricane occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, spanning twenty-six decades over the period 1749 to 2012.

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