For New Year Be Grateful For A Great Climate

Good read analysing each of the basic climate metrics that climate catastrophists insist are creating a climate crisis.

Any sane, rational and objective-minded person can deduce from Larry Bell’s assessment that the scares you are fed daily from global warming alarmists and sycophant media, simply are-not-happening!

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Larry-Bell_avatar-80x80By Larry Bell ~

Never underestimate the number of very profitable prophets of climate doom whose wealth depends upon depressing us about conditions we should actually celebrate.


Like, just for example, a former vice president turned Goracle who made hundreds of millions of dollars warning us that our evil ways will produce global warming Armageddon unless we ditch fossil fuels, purchase taxpayer-subsidized “green energy” and carbon offsets from his corporate interests, and basically change every aspect of our business economies and lives.

And, oh yes, otherwise the polar bears would die as well. Well maybe not after all.

Let’s take a moment to look out the window and review some facts:

Overheated temperature predictions

First, no one I know denies that climate changes, or that recent warming has occurred. This latest multi-century spell began before the Industrial Revolution brought CO2-belching smokestacks and SUVs, has continued in fits and starts ever…

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