Climate Change: The Frightening Rise of Dangerous Manmade Global Voguing

HIGHLY recommended read covering all aspects of the “climate change” phenomenon that has snowballed so successfully into the new fashionable religion of our collective, groupthink age…


“If the theory of dangerous manmade global warming predicts the future, and if weather models prove scientists cannot predict the future, then the alarmist theory about a dangerous future has been disproved as a scientific hypothesis. You cannot reasonably champion a scientific theory when your own work proves you do not have the expertise to make the claim. (Please see the chart: “Climate Models Fails to Predict Warming Trends”.)
Yet an overwhelming majority of climate scientists confidently predicted global warming would accelerate but “there has been no further warming at all” [34] since approximately the year 2000.”

“Something is driving the warming proponents which is overruling the scientific method. A billion-dollars-a-day of work is part of it. The power and the glory is part of it. The totalitarian nature of progressivism is part of it. My opinion is that the totalitarian instinct, the horrendous human trait given religious preeminence in the progressive faith, is now the guiding driver of proponents.”

“Climate science Professor Judith Curry, professor at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, told the US Congress in 2014: “For the past 16 years, there has been no significant increase in surface temperature … The IPCC does not have a convincing or confident explanation for this hiatus in warming.””

“A great effective weapon against poverty is energy. Fossil fuels make the world go around. Make it speed up. Make capitalism work. Make the poor wealthier.”

“[The] method to eradicate poverty is called capitalism. Cheap energy turbocharges capitalism. Expensive energy kills it.”

“The dangerous manmade global warming hypothesis demonizes the energy needed to fight poverty. By diverting us from the proven way to end poverty “global warming orthodoxy is not merely irrational. It is wicked,” said Mr. Lawson.””

“Big Media could care less. Writers have abandoned their first principle. Free speech is the first commandment for writers, or it was. Now it slows progressive ideology so free speech is abandoned. The progressive writers have abandoned free speech the same way scientific bodies have abandoned neutrality and the encouragement of individual opinion in the climate change debate. Group think is winning everywhere the progressives go. It’s what they do and who they are.”

“The Global Warming theory, if it is disproved, will be the greatest crime ever committed against the poor and humanity. Its adherents have perpetrated shocking destruction within the scientific community by breaking centuries of principle requiring free thought, individual opinion, unswerving respect for dissent, and open-and-free publication of all data.”

“The manufacturing of consent in the climate change debate proves that progressivism is the greatest threat to mankind in the 21st Century. Progressivism must be defeated and destroyed and ended. The massive destruction of wealth and encouragement of poverty by climate change proponents proves it.”

Watts Up With That?

By Michael David White

A change in temperature is a change in climate. We worry about man-made climate change if a temperature change will last decades or centuries and if the change will disfigure the environment.

The physical basics of climate change state that “atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are rising, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and it absorbs and re-radiates longwave radiation downwards. The radiation is trapped (or at least delayed) meaning that there is more of it around and hence temperatures go up.” [1]

Solar energy which would normally go out into space is kept inside earth’s weather system by the presence of carbon.

Carbon and other greenhouse gases, especially water, “trap some of the heat we receive from the sun and prevent it from bouncing back into space.” [2]


How much can increased atmospheric carbon be expected to warm the earth? If the atmosphere is sensitive…

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