How reindeer help protect the North Pole from climate change – study

How other people’s (taxpayers) money is wasted, by the BILLIONS, on climate-change-obsessed ‘studies’…

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Image credit: BBC Image credit: BBC
No it’s not April 1st and we’re not making it up. It’s Christmas but the climate propaganda machine has to keep churning out the pop stories, however absurd they may sound.

Reindeer play an important role in assisting Santa, but it’s their vital work in protecting the North Pole from climate change which scientists are keen to highlight this Christmas, says The Daily Telegraph.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and the rest of the gang’s heavy grazing helps make the surface of the North Pole more reflective – also known as “albedo”.

“Our theory was that heavy grazing by reindeer increases summer albedo, through a reduction in shrub height, abundance and leaf area index (LAI),” she said.

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