A must read: Obsolete Climate Science on CO2

This one paragraph of a “must read” essay by Stanford University’s Richard A. Epstein, IMHO sums up the “climate change” aka “global warming” fiasco/scam/scientific scandal that has snowballed into an out of control ideological behemoth. The new fashionable religion of our age, with its High Priests and clergyman ruthlessly dismissive of counter-evidence, new or contradictory ‘science’ and viciously scornful of real-world observations that mock the holy (corrupt/overheated) computer models that underpin the faith…

“This dismissive attitude is fatal to independent inquiry. No matter how many times the president claims the science is rock-solid, the wealth of recent evidence gives rise to a very different picture that undercuts the inordinate pessimism about climate change that was in vogue about 10 years ago. The group convened in the Obama administration never examined, let alone refuted, the accumulation of evidence on the other side. Indeed, virtually all of its reports are remarkable for the refusal to address any of the data at all. Instead, the common theme is to refer to models developed by others as the solid foundation for the group’s own work, without questioning a word of what those models say.”

Watts Up With That?

Obsolete Climate Science on CO2

by Richard A. Epstein, Stanford University
Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The incoming Trump administration has promised dramatic transformations on many vital domestic issues. The best gauge of this development is the fierce level of opposition his policies have generated from Democratic stalwarts. One representative screed is a New York Times Op-Ed by Professors Michael Greenstone and Cass Sunstein, who lecture the incoming president on climate change: “Donald Trump Should Know: This is What Climate Change Costs Us.”

Greenstone and Sunstein have a large stake in the game: During their years in the first Obama administration, they convened an interagency working group (IWG) drawn from various federal agencies that determined that the social cost of carbon (SCC)—or the marginal cost of the release of a ton of carbon into the atmosphere—should be estimated at about $36 per ton (as of 2015). Choose that number…

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King Canute versus the climate planners

“The idea that any panel of global experts, working with appointed diplomats and bureaucrats, can have the requisite knowledge to make such grand and final decisions for the globe is outlandish and contrary to pretty much everything we know.

Hayek explains further:

“To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge which in fact we do not possess, is likely to make us do much harm.”

Top read…

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

On sea level rise, President Obama and King Canute.

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