California Climate Secession Threat

California can secede from the Union if that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. But, if that is the virtuous “save the planet” path they want to take, they must secede/divest 100% from all fossil fuel use and live in the ‘Green’ bubble they yearn for so hysterically.

See how long that warm and fuzzy feeling lasts.

“Last year (2015) California imported 99,210 GWh (33%) of their electricity from out of state, mostly from the South West, up from 25% in 2010. ”

Cheap, reliable, life-saving fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere soon, no matter how many petroleum-based plastic placards are waved around.

Watts Up With That?

Protest against Proposition 23 Protest against Proposition 23 (2010), calling on California to suspend emissions targets until unemployment dropped below 5.5%. The measure was defeated by a wide margin.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A small but vocal group of Californians want to secede from the Union, to avoid President-elect Trump’s climate policies.

Climate Change Secession

Some private citizen groups in California, distraught at the prospect of an America under President Donald Trump, are advocating that the state secede from the union.

Constitutional scholars (and most Californians) assure us the separation is not going to happen. But is there any instance in which California could go its own way? What if Trump withdraws the nation from the United Nations Climate Change Accord and rejects the validity of the global warming threat altogether?

Could and should that set the stage for environmentally precocious California to break ranks with the president and join the Climate…

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