South Australia’s Disastrous Wind Power Obsession Hits Crisis Point: Power Prices Rocket & More Summer Blackouts Beckon

“At times we’ve felt like a lone sniper taking on a German Panzer division.”

Nice analogy but you are not alone! Your message is getting out and making a difference to public policy, sparking debate and will make a positive difference to people’s lives that have been shattered by the disastrous windmill experiment.

One thing is for sure, all your dire wind-warnings including blackouts and massive price hikes on electricity bills are sadly being born out!

You do great things and make a difference. Keep up that life-benefiting work ⚡️



STT has been slogging away on this battleground for nearly 4 years now. At times we’ve felt like a lone sniper taking on a German Panzer division

The dim-witted arts grads that double as ‘journalists’ in this country either actively joined with the wind cult in worshipping these things and crushing all those who had the temerity to point out the one or two minor flaws inherent in a power source that was abandoned centuries ago, for pretty obvious reasons (see above). Or, they stood slack-jawed on the sidelines and said nothing about a wholly predictable economic and social calamity – so much for the fourth estate.

All it took was a couple of Statewide blackouts – in what has hitherto been glowingly referred to by wind worshippers as “Australia’s wind power capital” – that followed total and totally unpredictable collapses in wind power output, and a doubling of power…

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Prince Albert’s Antarctic Fantasy

“So either he is utterly confused, or he has been spoon fed this rubbish by someone else.”

From the data, it looks like lots of both!


By Paul Homewood


David Attenborough lost the plot a long while ago, but he has now teamed up with Prince Albert of Monaco, who seems to have totally lost his marbles.

From the Telegraph:

The world’s natural environment is facing its greatest ever threat, the veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough warned MPs and peers last night as he backed a new initiative to save life on earth.

The BBC naturalist was speaking as Prince Albert II of Monaco signed a new deal with Cambridge University academics to work with wildlife charities and other groups around the world to conserve the natural habitat.

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