The Frankfurt School: Marxist infiltration, political correctness and the culture wars

Fascinating, must watch 22 minutes on Political Correctness via Green Jihad…

Not hard to see where the hysteria of “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change” was born and now thrives – in the halls of cultural Marxism, via eco-worship and the ‘domination of nature’.

“Political Correctness most fashionable cause “Environmentalism” [integrated] into their cultural Marxism.”

Aims of eco-worship: The destruction of Western (democratic/capitalist) civilisation. Direct assault on free-thinking i.e. scepticism – smeared as “deniers”.

IMO, PC is the dominant and most insidious factor leading to the current and rapid decline of the West.

Watch the entire video. Important stuff.

Green Jihad

This is a video produced by the Free Congress Foundation during the 1990’s. The film examines the little known but highly influential Marxist group known as the Institute for Social Research (aka Frankfurt School). German Marxist philosophers gathered in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1920’s to give new life to Communist thought when most of the predictions made by orthodox Marxists of how international Communism would be achieved did not come true.

How Marxism is taught in most colleges and universities is due to the efforts of the Frankfurt School. Political correctness is one of the ideas floated by them helped spurn such Leftist causes such as anti-Vietnam organizations and the environmentalist movement. Ex-Marxist David Horowitz is also interviewed.

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One Comment on “The Frankfurt School: Marxist infiltration, political correctness and the culture wars”

  1. O, you covered a huge area in one title! I should add … and “gender” and “gender wars” etc.
    I am trying to deal with the same. This ideology, basically, was designed to cover up crimes, and it works. Millions killed here and millions there. And the fraud – everywhere.
    I am fighting also – writing letters for 30 years, but this world is not for letter-writers. See:
    50 documents are here:

    By the way, when I click on Green Jihad, I get:
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    Michael Pyshnov


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