How Trump Can Reverse Obama Climate Change Regulations

Excellent read.

Heartened by the Climate Change and Energy commentary from Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, named to head Trump’s EPA transition team.

The EPA under Obama has been taken over by radical eco-activists led by Gina McCarthy, pushing extreme and draconian climate change ideology and policy, hurting American industry, jobs and the most vulnerable in society.

Myron Ebell :

“My [Competitive Enterprise Institute] colleagues and I agree that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, that greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing as a result of human activities—primarily burning coal, oil, and natural gas—and that this means the global mean temperature is likely to rise,” Ebell said. “Where we disagree with global warming alarmists is whether this amounts to a crisis that requires drastic action.”

Ebell continued:

President Obama’s climate action plan and other proposed energy-rationing policies will have negligible effects on greenhouse gas levels, but pose a grave threat to our economy and especially to the health and well-being of poor people. I believe that we should pursue energy policies based on the scientifically-supported view that abundant energy makes the world safer and the environment more livable, as well as the humanitarian view that affordable energy should be accessible to those who need it most, particularly the most vulnerable among us.”

PA Pundits International

Siegel_Josh_TDS-lo1By Josh Siegel ~

President-elect Donald Trump will come into power next year with the authority to redefine his predecessor’s ambitious and divisive legacy on climate and energy policy.

Just as President Barack Obama has used regulations and executive actions to try and make the U.S. a world leader in cutting planet-warming emissions across much of the nation’s economy—especially targeting the coal industry—Trump can largely act alone to define his own agenda.

“I really do think there will be some kind of reversal of Obama-era policies, but there are legal, political, and practical constraints on how far the Trump administration can go,” said Jody Freeman, the director of Harvard University’s environmental law and policy program, in an interview with The Daily Signal.

President-elect Donald Trump has indicated he will take a different approach to climate change than President Barack Obama. (Photo: AdMedia /Newscom)President-elect Donald Trump has indicated he will take a different approach to climate change than President Barack Obama. (Photo: AdMedia /Newscom)

Based on rhetoric in his campaign, and…

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Sturgeon’s wind turbines cost UK £90m a year – to stay SWITCHED OFF

Like the old sailors say, “The wind is free, but everything else costs money”.

However, in this case the “wind” costs even when there is none!? Think about that for a minute.



By Paul Homewood

h/t Philip Bratby


Last week I revealed that subsidies to Scottish renewables were costing £718 million a year, equivalent to £135 for every man, woman and child in Scotland, if they had to pay the bill themselves.

To this figure it seems we can add another £90 million, for constraint payments!

From the Express:

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Icelandic Met Office Sells Out To Gavin

The noose on NASA climate fraud certainly tightening…


By Paul Homewood

Reposted from Tony Heller at Real Science:

This is a huge story. We are closing the noose on NASA climate fraud.

The Canberra Times has an article today attacking Senator Roberts over a letter he sent questioning the adjustments NASA (i.e. GHCN) has made in Iceland. Senator Roberts asked Gavin to explain his adjustments, and Gavin responded with an insult. Totally unacceptable behavior for a public servant.

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