New York Times Admits Anti-Trump Bias

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Background:

I have mentioned earlier in a number of Posts how this Presidential election was followed like no other campaign has ever been covered here in Australia. In much the same manner as it was in the U.S. all the media reporting was in favour of Hillary Clinton, and virtually all Donald Trump coverage was negative. Three of the Four major TV Networks covered the results live, and for the whole day, from 9AM until after 6PM, around the time Donald Trump came out for his victory speech, and all of this happened during the day of Wednesday, in real time, taking the time difference into account between the U.S. and Australia. Since that time, when the result became obvious, even to right now, again, the coverage is similar to what it is in the U.S. How could they have got it so wrong. The…

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