Giant Battery Myth Offers Wind Industry No Salvation from its Ultimate Demise

As for the toxic “mining” of rare earth metals to make these mega-batteries. And if so, cue the outrage from the “greens” who detest ‘mining’ – yeah right. Hypocrites.


battery-truck Mythical storage system on the road to nowhere…


One of the more hilarious moments that followed the aftermath of South Australia’s statewide blackout on 28 September (aka ‘Black Wednesday’), was when The Australian quoted the CEO of French wind power outfit Neoen – one of the wind power operators whose turbines were responsible for SA’s date with the Dark Ages:

Neoen Australia managing director Franck Woitiez, whose turbines at Hornsdale wind farm shut down as part of the system trigger, said the statewide blackout was caused by the storm. With his wind farm now back in full operation, he cautioned against a kneejerk response to the black out. “Battery storage has a huge part to play in our system going forward and we need to keep viewing renewables as part of our energy mix,” Mr Woitiez said.

For the record, battery storage plays no part in South Australia’s power…

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