Australia’s Renewable Target Kills 2,000 Victorian Jobs at Hazelwood & Portland

Australia shuts down its once proud – cheap, efficient, baseload reliable coal-fired sources of energy in favour of massively expensive, intermittent, un-green, unwanted, ideologically-driven, weather dependent “unreliable” wind and solar energy?!

Meanwhile, China and India are placing online a coal-fired power plant every week. Holland and most of Eastern Europe are locking in cheap, reliable, efficient coal, and ideologically “green” Germany is currently undergoing the biggest coal-fired power expansion in her history, despite spending (wasting) nearly €1 trillion euros on “unreliables”!

Australia’s crazy move to shut down coal-fired power, all thanks to the great (yet to be empirically proven) “global warming” scare, ideologically pushed by Leftist mainstream media and minority activist green groups and government scientists.

By doing this, Australia is simply sending jobs and supposedly ‘dangerous’ CO2 emissions off-shore to places, like China and India.

Third-world countries doing Australia’s manufacturing, with its coal, under dodgy environmental particulate (real pollution) regulations, all so Australia can meet some fanciful “renewable energy target” (RET) that NO one can still yet answer the simple question “by how much will all the pain lower the temperature of the planet” !?

Insanity on an insane level.




To call what Australian politicians refer to as energy “policy” is to flatter it as involving some kind of deliberate design.

As things have panned out in South Australia, and are fast panning out in neighbouring Victoria, there is only one fair description: “total chaos”.

South Australia lost 784MW of reliable, affordable base-load power when Alinta determined to close its Port Augusta power plants in May this year. That decision was driven by an inability to dispatch power to the grid in relation to daily demand and, accordingly, to make a fair return on the employment of their assets.

As a result of the REC subsidies paid to wind power outfits under the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET (the value of which underpins the guaranteed fixed prices in their PPAs with retailers of around $110 per MWh), whenever the wind blows in South Australia, wind power outfits were able to…

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