Bird Carcass Count proves AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm is an Avian Slaughterhouse

An international disgrace. Where are RSPCA, PETA, WWF et al ??

Shame on you for placing “global warming” ideology over the protection of the very things you claim to protect!


dead_eagle_at_base_of_turbine Turbine: 1; Majestic Raptor:…


Wind farm turbines take toll on birds of prey
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
22 September 2014

EAGLES, falcons and other raptors make up to a third of the estimated 1500 birds killed each year at Australia’s biggest wind farm.

The finding of an independent report for Macarthur Wind Farm operator AGL follows 12 monthly searches of 48 turbines at the 140-turbine operation in Victoria that found 576 bird carcasses.

After adjusting for birds eaten by scavengers between searches and the total 140 turbines, Australian Ecological Research Services estimated each turbine killed about 10 birds a year.

The analysis said this would include 500 raptors a year.

AGL has confirmed that 64 bird fatalities were found during the official searches and an additional 10 carcasses were found near turbines by maintenance personnel, landowners or ecologists when not undertaking scheduled carcass searches.

The total included eight brown…

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One Comment on “Bird Carcass Count proves AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm is an Avian Slaughterhouse”

  1. These things are not “turbines” and the collective name is not “farm”. Such terms are pure advertising baloney invented to suggest that this out-dated way of getting energy was modern and that this bird-mincing estate of industrial machinery was “green”.


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