The BBC’s Outright Lies On Arctic Live

Cost of taxpayer funded BBC climate propaganda docco – probably nearing £1M.

(NB, BBC a publicly funded broadcaster that is chartered by law to be balanced. Like Aus’ ABC)

Cost and time to get the *truth* via NALOPKT – unfunded and a few hours.

Thanks Paul and interested to hear Auntie’s reply to your valid complaint. (If they even care or bother about facts and truths!)


By Paul Homewood


In Churchill, every year polar bears gather on the shores of Hudson Bay to wait for the big freeze, and every year they’re waiting longer.

This was the exact statement at seven minutes into the BBC’s Arctic Live programme last night. This was immediately followed up with the comment, “But the prospect of a future without them is impossible to imagine”.

This unsurprisingly set the scene for the rest of that segment of the programme. The Arctic is warming, ice is melting and polar bears are endangered.

As I showed yesterday, there is no truth in the claim at all.

But let’s look at one more graph, this time the week by week ice coverage for Hudson Bay in 2015, as presented by the Canadian Ice Service:

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