Wind Power Sends German Power Prices Rocketing as CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise

Meanwhile, ideologically agressive “Green” Gemany is undergoing the biggest coal-fired power expansion in her history.

Cheap, reliable, efficient, hydrocarbon based energy apparently matters after spending ONE TRILLION EUROS on useless, costly, intermittent “unreliables” – wind and solar power.


angry german kid

Germany has long been the poster-child for the wind-cult, the World over. But the way things have panned out, wind worshippers will soon need another pin-up girl.

The costs of its maniacal rush into massively subsidised wind and solar to German businesses and households has been astronomical and, in the mother of all ironies, CO2 emissions continue to rise.

Here’s NoTricksZone on Germany’s fall from wind cult idol, to lamentable green power disaster.

Alarm …  Major German Grid Operator Announces Whopping 80% Higher Grid Fees! “Power To Be More Expensive”
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
23 September 2016

Yesterday the online German news weekly FOCUS here wrote an article that is certainly more bad news for Germany’s electricity consumers, who are already paying among the highest rates in the world.

One of Germany’s major power grid operators, Tennet, announced it is “massively increasing power grid fees” and that “power is…

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2 Comments on “Wind Power Sends German Power Prices Rocketing as CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise”

  1. It’s long been my suspicion that it takes more energy to build, erect and “feed” the infrastructure and overheads associated with wind than it ever produces. In CO2 terms – more CO2 is produced than is “saved”. And that is particularly true in the short term.

    So, bizarrely (certainly in the short term), the more bird-mincers a countries puts up, the more CO2 it produces.

    Of course, wind was never about saving CO2 – it was just a way for a few people to get really rich by jumping on the “global warming” bandwagon. So, they’ve always hidden the true energentic costs of wind and pretended that it’s a no brainer that it “saves CO2”.

    They could get away with that when wind was a tiny fraction of the energy supply network, but the more energy that goes into making birdmincers and the less it covers the energy required to make bird-mincers, the more conventional, reliable fossil-fuel power is needed to supply the energy to build these wind follies.


    • I should have been more specific, when I say “the more [the country] produces” I mean the total CO2 associated with its activity. So, if the bird-mincers are made in China, then the energy used in that manufacture must be included, as well as transportation and a certain amount to cover incidental activities in China that also use energy (you have to feed, cloth and house factory workers – these require energy – that emits CO2 – these are also part of the energy/CO2 budget in terms of producing wind in another country).


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