Aussie Chief Scientist: “We have [climate] models to try to predict what that will be and that’s difficult”

WATCH THIS SPACE! Senator Malcolm Roberts challenging Australia’s premiere science body – the warmist CSIRO – to provide proof that human CO2 emissions cause “global warming.” At present, NO empirical evidence exists. Only predictive models that, currently, do not observe reality.

At last, an “Australian politician with the skill and meticulous attention to detail required to dissect anything the bureaucrats who run government science organisations can throw at him.

“His demand for proof that humans cause warming has struck at the weak point of the entire AGW scare campaign – because *there isn’t any proof available to provide. Just a load of conjecture, based on a weak set of models which don’t work very well.*

“Most people agree that adding CO2, considered in isolation, should produce a mild warming effect. But the entire climate scare campaign is based on models which assume that the initial warming effect from anthropogenic CO2 is dramatically amplified by feedback, by climatic responses to the initial warming.”

Watts Up With That?

Malcolm Roberts (Left, source One Nation Website), Brian Cox (Right), source Wikimedia Malcolm Roberts (Left, source One Nation Website), Brian Cox (Right), source Wikimedia. By cellanrProf Brian Cox, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

One Nation Federal Senator and hardcore climate skeptic Malcolm Roberts, who recently skewered TV Physicist Brian Cox on national TV, has demanded the Australian Chief Scientist provide evidence that humans cause climate change. The response so far is less than confident.

One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts asks chief scientist for proof humans cause climate change

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts is yet to be convinced that climate change is real and is caused by humans.

He has asked chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel to spell out his logic in asserting that human-induced carbon emissions have been rising since the start of the Industrial Age, that this causes global warming and that warming produces climate change.

Senator Roberts told a Senate…

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Subsidised Wind & Solar Power Wrecking California’s Power Grid

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While it’s probably little consolation to South Australians, now well-accustomed to routine load-shedding and Statewide blackouts, every-time wind power output collapses on a total and totally unpredictable basis, the Golden State, California is in the same boat.

These Off-The-Books Government Regs Are Propping Up Wind And Solar
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett

Off-the-books government regulations heavily favor wind and solar power by ignoring some of green energy’s major drawbacks while keeping the lucrative subsidies flowing.

These regulations force utilities to purchase any wind or solar power available and offer direct financial benefits for doing so, despite major technical problems and the high costs associated with unreliable green energy.

“In our energy system, unlike any other market, the amount generated needs to perfectly balance with the amount used at all times,” Rich Powell, managing director for strategy at the ClearPath Foundation, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It’s hard enough to…

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