Climate Progress, Joe Romm, outed as political operative by Wikileaks

Sweet justice for Pielke Jr. who has been smeared, slimed and threatened by the activist Climate gang for not towing the party alarmist line. Leading to him partly removing himself from the mainstream debate – the progressive Left’s intimidation tactics working as planned. Threat neutralised. (their aim at least.)

Pielke Jr. writes of such intimidation in 2010 after appearing at a Republican congressional committee:

Pielke Jr. has been mocked as the “political scientist”, in a partisan sense, by the likes of Podesta’s activist site ‘Climate Progress’:

“I have a PhD in political science, but no political science department would ever hire me….The main reason for this is that I do policy research with an eye to being relevant. *Policy research has never ranked highly in the axiology of political science.* ” :

In 2015, Pielke Jr. was one of 7 US academics being investigated by US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) – ranking member of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment and Natural Resources – for the “crime” of presenting data that disagree with alarmists who make bogus claims about weather and weather-related losses:

Excellent piece by Pielke Jr on the damage to science for discrediting free-thinking academics:


The Wikileaks Podesta emails – the gift that keeps on giving…

Watts Up With That?

WIKILEAKS: ThinkProgress Trashes A Climate Expert’s Career To Appease A Hillary Donor

Posted By Michael Bastasch (Daily Caller)

ThinkProgress Editor in Chief Judd Legum sent an email to a billionaire donor bragging how the liberal blog’s environmental writer targeted a climate researcher who challenged a major Democratic talking point on global warming, according to leaked emails.

The blog’s environmental arm, ClimateProgress, (run by Dr. Joe Romm) took issue with pollster Nate Silver’s 538 website, hiring Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. to write about global warming issues. Pielke is no skeptic of man-made warming, but he challenged a Democratic talking point that global warming was making extreme weather more severe.

Romm YouTube Image Dr. Joe Romm of Climate Progress believes we are going to fry.

ClimateProgress immediately embarked on a crusade to discredit him “[p]rior to Pielke writing anything” for 538 — based solely on the fact they didn’t like his research on extreme weather.

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