Renewable Power Australia – Report: Wind Power Caused The South Australia Blackout

Wind Power – a ‘weather’ dependant energy source that can’t handle ‘weather’ 🤔

Oh the irony!

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill – along with green energy interests and many journalists – claimed South Australia’s fault had nothing to do with the state’s wind generators. They were telling untruths. A new report into the disaster concludes the blackout was caused by wind farms suddenly going off line, while gas generators didn’t.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, October 6:

What we do know now is despite all of the fearmongering about wind power is that wind power continued to operate throughout the event.

Clements Gap wind plant in South AustraliaClements Gap wind plant in South Australia

Absolutely false.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has now published an update that puts the blame on wind farms.

Thermal power worked fine during the storm, but wind farms failed. Some simply couldn’t work in the high winds, but the real problem was that many were set to stop working after several lightning strikes…

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